Friday, March 1, 2013

Pursuing The Dream

A simple thought as I wind down my whirlwind week of crafting.  Many a fine fabric was up-cycled into some characters that have been dancing about my sketchbook and my thoughts.  Though I worked from the moment I woke up until I went back to sleep at night, I have never been happier.  For the past year I have been pursuing my dream of turning my hobby into my career.  The non-stop stitching, promoting, and yes- networking (big gulp for this shy girl) has pushed my boundaries further than I imagined and I am forever changed for the better.
None of this would be possible without one VERY understanding and supportive Hubby. We have always lived our lives in the moment and agree that nothing is worse than a dream that expires into regret. My hope is to one day be self-sufficient in my business and afford him the same opportunity.  The gift of chasing one's dream is priceless. Hubby and I were ghost tripping in Comanche, Texas when we came across this trophy in an abandoned house still full of its cobwebbed contents.  I couldn't help but wonder whose dreams had dwelled here and if those dreams were ever fulfilled.  This little bowler has been my visual cue to keep my dream alive, keep pushing forward, enjoy the journey, and never let my work become just a memory.

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  1. Fabulous post Jacquie!! Yes, enjoy the journey!
    Thanks for the reminder.