Thursday, February 28, 2013

Everywhere A Hare

As certain as freshly sprouting garden seeds, rabbits are also a sure sign of spring!  Here in the studio bunnies of all shapes and sizes are peeking their noses through the embellishment bins and finding their way through my primitive whimsy process.
There are bunny busts in grungy velveteen and painted linen picking our their baskets in which to nestle.  The velveteen addition is new this year and I am just loving the texture!  Her basket is a perfectly romantic one- but her finish will be a surprise debut in Olde Primitve Peddler mid March.
One of my all time fave bunnies is from Robyn Pandolph's Stitched With Love quilting genius! I was so spoiled to have her studio shop right here in Galveston until last year!  I loved to pop in just to chat, see her works in progress, and sneak a peek at her latest fabric line. Because I am not a quilter, I adapt elements of her patterns to wool applique.

Spring is not the same without one fat bunny!  This roly-poly rabbit is made from up-cycled wool and wool roving.  I haven't quite figured out her feet situation so for now she stands a bit like a weeble. 

Then there are the smalls.  If you ever wonder why something so small is so expensive- ask an artist!  It's so much easier to make something bigger with easily stitched corners and ample stuffing cavities! Add using an old mohair blend fabric and oh what a tangled web it weaves!  There was some satisfaction in impaling this wee bunny with a stick!  And covering a wooden egg with paper maiche? Holy Mother Mary Vodka!
These are just a few of the projects awaiting completion in today's work basket.  What's on your table today?


  1. SEW CUTE, Jacquie!! Such a great variety, too! Can't wait to see the Busts.....and in velveteen?!!

  2. Thanks Vicky!! I'm seeing lots of fabulous bunnies on your work table too!!