Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bargain Pin Keep

Goodwill hunting is perhaps one of my favorite time passers. If I have to go to the grocery store or post office- I am totally treating myself to a fast rummage. I love searching for unique cast-offs to up-cycle into new life!  Fine fabrics at dime store prices and the occasional bag of sewing notions can set my imagination ablaze and fill my basket. On rare occasions I find some one's artwork and my heart leaps as my fingers snatch it off the shelf! Mine!!  Allllllll mine!!! (Insert evil professor laugh here.)
Yesterday I found this lovely felted wool strawberry make-do pin keep for $1.99!  Seriously: $1.99! 
I believe one can never have too many pin cushions and the mammoth size and height of this berry will be oodles of usefulness in my studio.  It will join the ranks of the pin keep platoon on constant march in my house.  Although the strawberry is the newcomer, it is instantly inducted into the fab 4 club!
This helping hand was gifted to me by my Mom over 10 years ago.  Made by Milltown Primitives, this hand has been a conversation starter and the source of many strange glances over time!  But to me it is like having my mom with me in every stitch!  Sometimes I take out all the pins and chase my dog with it.
There is my traveling heart that resides in my work basket. Tart tin cushions are ridiculously easy to make and a perfect showplace for fave fabric scraps!
And then there is Hell Raiser!
This is what happens when a pin keep is not close by!  A once promising make-do has succumbed to studio necessity and bears the burden as keeper of the mighty pins and needles.  Maybe someday I will finish the make-do, but for now he is serving a higher purpose.
With the exception of the helping hand, all the pin keeps in this post have been crafted from up-cycled Goodwill hunting bargains.  Shopping your local charities helps your community and up-cycling reduces your carbon footprint- so, as always- think global and act local!

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