Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Fever In the Farmhouse!

WOOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Put your party pants on!  It's Spring Fling time in the Old Farmhouse Gathering! Time to pack up the last of those Christmas decorations, left over Valentine's Day projects, and for some of you (you know who you are.......) it's time to let the Halloween goblins rest in the off season bin for a month or two.  Let's march out those wabbits, chicksies, and let the flowers spring!!

Along with many of my OFG sistahs, I was burning the midnight oil with last minute stitches to have my four reps ready for today's celebration kick off.  A photo reshoot was delayed by one overly pampered dog who lingered on my prop burlap runner like a couture wrapped celeb on the Oscars' red carpet!
But as with the Oscars, the OFG Spring Celebration will roll out if I am ready or not!  So without further ado- my final four offerings are up and strutting in my Etsy ready for the treasury paparazzi!
Hmmmmmmmm..... Going to have to work on photo sizing for Blogger! But not right now!  Right now is reserved for celebrating Spring with my Old Farmhouse Gathering pals!

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