Thursday, February 28, 2013

Everywhere A Hare

As certain as freshly sprouting garden seeds, rabbits are also a sure sign of spring!  Here in the studio bunnies of all shapes and sizes are peeking their noses through the embellishment bins and finding their way through my primitive whimsy process.
There are bunny busts in grungy velveteen and painted linen picking our their baskets in which to nestle.  The velveteen addition is new this year and I am just loving the texture!  Her basket is a perfectly romantic one- but her finish will be a surprise debut in Olde Primitve Peddler mid March.
One of my all time fave bunnies is from Robyn Pandolph's Stitched With Love quilting genius! I was so spoiled to have her studio shop right here in Galveston until last year!  I loved to pop in just to chat, see her works in progress, and sneak a peek at her latest fabric line. Because I am not a quilter, I adapt elements of her patterns to wool applique.

Spring is not the same without one fat bunny!  This roly-poly rabbit is made from up-cycled wool and wool roving.  I haven't quite figured out her feet situation so for now she stands a bit like a weeble. 

Then there are the smalls.  If you ever wonder why something so small is so expensive- ask an artist!  It's so much easier to make something bigger with easily stitched corners and ample stuffing cavities! Add using an old mohair blend fabric and oh what a tangled web it weaves!  There was some satisfaction in impaling this wee bunny with a stick!  And covering a wooden egg with paper maiche? Holy Mother Mary Vodka!
These are just a few of the projects awaiting completion in today's work basket.  What's on your table today?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bargain Pin Keep

Goodwill hunting is perhaps one of my favorite time passers. If I have to go to the grocery store or post office- I am totally treating myself to a fast rummage. I love searching for unique cast-offs to up-cycle into new life!  Fine fabrics at dime store prices and the occasional bag of sewing notions can set my imagination ablaze and fill my basket. On rare occasions I find some one's artwork and my heart leaps as my fingers snatch it off the shelf! Mine!!  Allllllll mine!!! (Insert evil professor laugh here.)
Yesterday I found this lovely felted wool strawberry make-do pin keep for $1.99!  Seriously: $1.99! 
I believe one can never have too many pin cushions and the mammoth size and height of this berry will be oodles of usefulness in my studio.  It will join the ranks of the pin keep platoon on constant march in my house.  Although the strawberry is the newcomer, it is instantly inducted into the fab 4 club!
This helping hand was gifted to me by my Mom over 10 years ago.  Made by Milltown Primitives, this hand has been a conversation starter and the source of many strange glances over time!  But to me it is like having my mom with me in every stitch!  Sometimes I take out all the pins and chase my dog with it.
There is my traveling heart that resides in my work basket. Tart tin cushions are ridiculously easy to make and a perfect showplace for fave fabric scraps!
And then there is Hell Raiser!
This is what happens when a pin keep is not close by!  A once promising make-do has succumbed to studio necessity and bears the burden as keeper of the mighty pins and needles.  Maybe someday I will finish the make-do, but for now he is serving a higher purpose.
With the exception of the helping hand, all the pin keeps in this post have been crafted from up-cycled Goodwill hunting bargains.  Shopping your local charities helps your community and up-cycling reduces your carbon footprint- so, as always- think global and act local!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Inspirational Tweets

Inspirational Tweets

Spring has sprung and nesters are in sudden full abundance!  Tweets in every color, wearing their festive best, tweedle a sweet song in my studio!
Some wee chicks carry a message of inspiration this spring!
There are plump love birds such as Theodore & Thelma!
And the ever so polite (yet slightly devious) ladies, Arsenic & Old Lace!
It never ceases to amaze me how much I accomplish when I think I'm getting nothing done.  Last week was like running a marathon in mud!  Though I always had a project in my hand, my finished work basket was empty.  As if by magic, birds seemed to have hatched overnight!  My nest runneth over! 
My Fave so far is Chadwick- he loves hanging out in the library looking for bookworms!
These sweet tweets will be available in my Etsy shop, Hand of Bela Peck, over the next few days.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Fever In the Farmhouse!

WOOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Put your party pants on!  It's Spring Fling time in the Old Farmhouse Gathering! Time to pack up the last of those Christmas decorations, left over Valentine's Day projects, and for some of you (you know who you are.......) it's time to let the Halloween goblins rest in the off season bin for a month or two.  Let's march out those wabbits, chicksies, and let the flowers spring!!

Along with many of my OFG sistahs, I was burning the midnight oil with last minute stitches to have my four reps ready for today's celebration kick off.  A photo reshoot was delayed by one overly pampered dog who lingered on my prop burlap runner like a couture wrapped celeb on the Oscars' red carpet!
But as with the Oscars, the OFG Spring Celebration will roll out if I am ready or not!  So without further ado- my final four offerings are up and strutting in my Etsy ready for the treasury paparazzi!
Hmmmmmmmm..... Going to have to work on photo sizing for Blogger! But not right now!  Right now is reserved for celebrating Spring with my Old Farmhouse Gathering pals!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Okay, okay....OOOOKAY!  I admit it! My OFG sisters were right!  Blogger is soooooooo much easier than Typepad!  Oh- and Blogger is free???  What hill-o-sand has my head been stuck in? Though I still haven't nailed down my layout, and gadgets are running loose like poorly tended children- I feel like I can get some traction and feel like I'm part of a blogging community.
What better place to start than with announcing Old Farmhouse Gathering's Spring Fling that kicks off tomorrow!
Fresh offerings to fill your home with handmades from talented artists like Warmth, Paints Pots -n-Splinters, Valley Primitives, Barb's Heart Strokes, Primitive Hart, and sooooooo many more!
Here's a sneaky peak of my Spring Fling offerings :)
Lamb Byron is a mohair blend gentleman who has a taste for 19th Century literature while grazing in the greenest of patures.
And, of course, all Texas sheep dream of spring when the blue bonnets take over hills and valleys! This up-cycled wool pillow celebrates the beloved blue bonnet!

The Old Farmhouse Gathering's Spring Fling is in full celebration Monday, February 25-March 1, 2013.  Be sure to visit our OFG Blog and shop OFG on Etsy for the latest in Prim-tastic Finds!