Sunday, February 24, 2013

Okay, okay....OOOOKAY!  I admit it! My OFG sisters were right!  Blogger is soooooooo much easier than Typepad!  Oh- and Blogger is free???  What hill-o-sand has my head been stuck in? Though I still haven't nailed down my layout, and gadgets are running loose like poorly tended children- I feel like I can get some traction and feel like I'm part of a blogging community.
What better place to start than with announcing Old Farmhouse Gathering's Spring Fling that kicks off tomorrow!
Fresh offerings to fill your home with handmades from talented artists like Warmth, Paints Pots -n-Splinters, Valley Primitives, Barb's Heart Strokes, Primitive Hart, and sooooooo many more!
Here's a sneaky peak of my Spring Fling offerings :)
Lamb Byron is a mohair blend gentleman who has a taste for 19th Century literature while grazing in the greenest of patures.
And, of course, all Texas sheep dream of spring when the blue bonnets take over hills and valleys! This up-cycled wool pillow celebrates the beloved blue bonnet!

The Old Farmhouse Gathering's Spring Fling is in full celebration Monday, February 25-March 1, 2013.  Be sure to visit our OFG Blog and shop OFG on Etsy for the latest in Prim-tastic Finds!


  1. Woooo Hoooo! WELCOME to Blogland, Jacquie!!!!

  2. Who cares about layouts and add-on's. I mean I even managed a comment on TypePad but I am THRILLED you are now on blogspot!!! Did I say thrilled? Yep. And I mean it. I L-O-V-E your posts.

  3. Your new blog looks great!!! Looking forward to the Spring Fling myself! Lots of new creations will be offered!

  4. Hi Jacquie! Welcome to blog land. Looks like you'll have no problem getting the hang of it.
    I really like your lamb. I'd better be on the ball when the celebration starts or someone will snatch it right up.


  5. Love the new blog! Your background choice is great on these tired eyes! I'm your latest follower!


  6. Thanks everyone!! I am loving it here and can so easily see whateveryone is blogging about!!

  7. Welcome to blogger! You are off to a great start and I know your blog will be wonderful!!

  8. Yahoo, glad to see you here Jacquie! Your blog is looking lovely already, I'm following you and have your blogger blog on my fav blogs list :O) Can't wait for the Spring Fling to start and to read your wonderful posts, Deb