Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wildflowers and Antiques

Country explores are fabulous medicine for the soul.  With old fashioned paper, pen, map and camera, Ashlie (Painting Bliss) and I set out to snap some good pics of Texas bluebonnets.  Amongst the blues, pinks, and rustic elegance of small town Texas, we found insta-relationships, heart melting homes, and an unexpected mega antique fair! 
Despite a dry season, the roadsides were alive with color.  Painted ladies danced from bloom to bloom as buzzing bees tunneled in bluebonnet towers. 
 The breeze so gentle, the hawks drifting circles in the sky, so far from any city it's as if nature pressed the pause button on our busy remotes. 
Today was a day to stop and smell the flowers.  And stop again.  Oh and over there!  Stop again!  Wait!  Back it up! (Ashlie can really fly a car in reverse!) No field or patch was overlooked on the road from New Ulm to Fayetteville!
Little did we know that our route to Round Top was taking us right into the heart of Marburger Farm Antique Weeks!  This time of year the fields are alive in sudden tent cities hocking the finest finds of the season. 
 From massive architectural doorways to the tiniest trinket, rust and chippy paint rule the day.  We arrived late in the day but it was perfect timing for us.  No crowds, no lines of people to dodge, just us and the vendors talking shop, reflecting on the day.

The day was coming to a close as the Texas sky clouded over and one by one the tents wrapped up for the evening.  Ashlie and I had a 2 hour ride back to Houston, the last stretch of what has been a phenomenal four days.  The bluebonnets fading into dusk, the car barreling south, all that was left to do was to celebrate the rarest of birds: true friendship.


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  1. Oh perfectly and magically said my dear bestie! <3 You say back it up sistah and you bet your getting whiplash! hee hee hee hee hee