Friday, March 15, 2013

Jewett City Jaunt

A visit home in Connecticut is never complete without a Sunday morning trip to Jewett City for the great dusty flea market!  Fresh with spring mud and New Englanders emerging to celebrate an unusually warm March morning, the Jewett City Flea Market has been around longer than I can remember.
Two floors of jam-packed goodies ranging from the tiniest jewels to towering Early American cupboards and everything in between.  But the best picks are outside in the pop-up stands; sellers with new finds they are eager to off load!  Random china, folk art, military memorabilia, and taxidermy bring a chuckle, a memory, and a spark of imagination.
I can't resist shiny bits and baubles.  When they are offered at dirt cheap prices I can't help but dig in deep!  I spent $25 in total at the flea market and oh the treasures I did find; rhinestones glistening in the sun, cast off buckles and silver-plate gems!
 At 25 cents a piece I couldn't resist these vintage wooden knobs!  I have just the project for them but for now I am keeping that plan a wee secret.
I have an affinity for piggies and the market did not disappoint! I spent 10 cents on the ceramic guy, $15 dollars for the pinned pig.
The pins were my fave purchase.  Nestled in with the common pins there was a fine gold stick pin with a green stone- a thrifting pirate's treasure indeed!
 Best of all was having precious time with my family playing with the ridiculous and oohing at fabulous furniture I had no way to transport back to Texas. Seeing my Dad revel in sharing with my daughter an affinity for weaponry and Elvis trinkets, I know it's a memory they will both cherish. It was definitely a morning well spent under the warm Connecticut sun.

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