Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goal Power

Reaching a goal is an instant ego boost, but reaching a goal earlier than expected is like a thousand smiles burning into a permanent grin.  Chariots of Fire music plays in the back of my mind as I mentally burst through the finish line tape!  The choir sings a fast paced hallelujah and I am clapping and stomping in time!  Then I am ushered out of Barnes & Noble for the 5th time in a week..........
Ashlie Blake, of Painting Bliss, and I have mastered the art of goal setting and continue to see our dreams coming true.  Last year we set a goal that 2013 would be our year of publication.  Ashlie has many publications under her belt and it took me a while to conquer my fear of rejection.  But as Ashlie was claiming her third time in Somerset Studios, I knew I could no longer sit on the sidelines. Having both been published we set a new goal of being on the news stands in the same month.  This week that goal got a check mark when the Somerset Studios hit the rack! 
I have notebooks full of goals, because let's face it- I have A LOT I want to accomplish in this life.  Writing down goals, action plans, and dreams is a mental exercise essential to accomplishment. It is like putting in an order from the menu of achievements. Looking back at my earliest goals, I am amazed to see how far I've come.  And how far Ashlie and I have grown as artists.  There was a time when we felt we couldn't call ourselves artists but now we wear that crown with flashing lights!
We will have all of 2013 to enjoy our publication goal as we each have commitments from other magazines coming up.  But those shall remain secrets until the printed page hits the stands and I will again be asked to leave Barnes & Noble due to excessive celebration.


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Jacquie!! Dreams and goals are the way to go!!
    Enjoy your celebration!