Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Strippin' It Down!

There comes a time in every fiber artist's life, usually a few times a year, when the stash closet doors won't shut and the pile of storage bins is stacked so high and deep the garage door is rendered useless.  Reluctantly we know it's time to get back to the bare minimum and give up all those scraps accumulated for the sheer pleasure of collecting.
My wool scraps are the worst space suckers simply due to their over abundance.  It is in these bins I begin the task of cutting usable pieces from the chaos, grouping them with like colors and setting them aside for sale.  What fun is a stash if no one else can play with it?
Lamb In A Can and Sack-o-Lamb are created from the wee collections set aside.  Fun snippets of color, texture and patterns to ignite that creative spark in far away studios.  All tucked into a recycled coffee or tomato can- it's an eco-friendly up-cycler's playground!

Because I love the victorious feel of a bargain, I offer my wool scraps on Ebay with a very low starting price.  This eases my storage burden quickly and gives the buyer a chance to share the love! Look for new listings weekly at Hand*of*Bela*Peck on Ebay!



  1. Lovely colours and textures Jacquie, if I had any room I'd be over at eBay right now!!

  2. I love the blue tweed and black and the pink. I dont see any on ebay!! :'(

  3. LOL! I got too busy playing to list! Today they will be up there!