Monday, March 25, 2013

Houston's Best True Art Gallery

So my bestie, Ashlie Blake, arrived from New York yesterday and what better place to start an artistic journey than the Houston Mural Project just a few blocks from Hobby Airport.  I was always weary about walking this exhibit by myself, but with my bestie by my side I was fearless and our eyes opened to some of the best graffiti in all of Houston.
A project of Bread of Life and Rice University, the Houston Art Project benefits the homeless of Houston.  This urban canvas covers an entire building, inside and out, several out buildings around the corner and throughout the alley. Raw and intricately beautiful, the artists' souls are on display in their interpretations of the Houston experience.
An entire wall is dedicated to a post modern version of Alice in Wonderland- I can relate because I find Houston to be equal parts fantasy and horror.

This little boy struck me as the face I see almost everyday in my south of Houston life.  He is the little child full of wonder, unscathed by the racial prejudices and stereotypes of this area.  He is the little child who can be anything he wants to be.  He holds the expression that must've been on my face when Ashlie rounded the corner at the airport and I saw her for the first time in person!
There are humors and nuances that translate so much better in person than skyping, texting or random snippets of the day.  Every day I greet Ashlie with a gangstah-style text and we do our best posse impressions but little did she know that this 5', 40-something white girl, really loves street art, abandoned run down places, and yes, Eminem. And in true bestie style, Ashlie never missed a beat!

Our adventure has just begun and will certainly fly by at turbo speed.  But I am here to attest that yes, true friendships can form on line and connections that you believe can't run any deeper can multiply ten fold.
Today our adventures take us far from the Houston chaos and into Pirate Lafitte's old stomping grounds on High Island.  Let the dolphins greet us, the pelicans swoop above us, and the tides meet our toes!

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