Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Day For The Birds

A simple lunch and blog on the isolated sands of Bolivar Beach quickly turned to feathered mayhem when Ashlie and I decided we were done with our kettle chips and those two solitary laughing gulls wading in the gentle waves might really enjoy them.  There were only two birds sharing the shore with us.  What could it hurt? 
Soon we were flooded with laughing gulls swooping in for a salty treat!  Tossing chips in the air, more and more birds flew in for a chance to nab a quick snack.
These gulls are adept at hovering and snagging chips mid-air!  Like waiting pups, the wings fluttered ever so slightly, beaks aligned with chip trajectory, and eyes focused on the launching hand.  Bam! Another gull swoops in and steals the booty! And for a Nano second we lock eyes with the spurned gull and there is a solitary understanding of loss and redemption.
It was the perfect end to a beach explore spent wandering the empty sands, sifting for beach glass and feeling the warm Texas sun on our backs.  On the ferry ride back to Galveston, a gull perched as another flew in as if he were an old friend.  I'm pretty sure I saw a chip crumb on his beak!

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  1. Oh Jax this is just perfection!!! I love how you closed it!!! And your right, looking straight at the gulls as they flew so close with the sun peeking between their feathers was a tidge bit euphoric! Wish were doing this again RIGHT NOW!