Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Millie In The Making

 Millie is a old girl who loves her quiet life on the sheep farm.  She is kind, introspective and always willing to help a neighbor in need.  This time of year she is anxious for the snowflakes to subside and to see stubby green growth of the daffodils peeking their leaves through the crispy leaves that cover her gardens.  She wanted to see what life was like in New England, so she made the trip from Texas with me.

Millie is made from a doll form I found at a garage sale.  I coffee stained her for proper age, needle sculpted her features and finished her with local goods here in Connecticut. I gave her a head of alpaca wool hair from Sixpaca, farm up the road in Bozrah, Connecticut.  Her simple dress is made from fabrics purchased at Colchester Mills while on my visit here. 
Millie will get a few more details on today's flight back to Texas, and will be completed back in my studio tomorrow.  She has an important debut on Olde Primitive Peddler on the 15th- so I better keep my needle cranked up to zoooom speed!
I have so enjoyed my time in Connecticut and sad to see it come to an end.  I know Millie is sad to leave as well.  She had grown fond of the alpaca farm.  But just like me, Millie will always have Connecticut in her heart and soul.

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