Monday, March 18, 2013

Photo Implosion

This past week my trusty ol' office computer gave up the ghost.  The black screen of death appeared and all hope was lost.  There was shock, disbelief, grief and my entire unsaved work flashed before my eyes!  What I had known, understood, loved, held dear- all was gone.  I had not cared for it, didn't back up my work and suffered the tragic pangs of nevermore.
I did what we all must do in times of loss.  I carried on. Not wanting to, but knowing I had to... for my business, for my connectivity, for all that is right in the creative world.   I replaced the desk top with a better laptop than my travel buddy notebook but skimped on the photo editing software after I balked at the cost of replacing my beloved PhotoShop.
I feel like a 5 year old in a snowsuit.  Cramped, confined, not understanding why I am slowed when I want to fly.  My grief is making me impatient combined with the new  work space, strange keyboard, and the constant call of projects neglected as I run through the muddy start up of a new virtual world.
Today will no doubt be swallowed by more attempts to unravel the mysteries of this Photo Explosion software.  There will be botched logos, layering failures, and certain storing mishaps.  As advertising deadlines loom closer, panic will set in, memories of my old reliable PhotoShop will drift through my head as I kick myself for being so cheap.  I will grab a fresh iced latte (because fattening coffee always makes me feel better), mosey out to the garage and sit vigil by my dear old computer who has gone to his grave with all my treasured secrets.  I will raise my glass in his honor and sing a sweet melody ode to my fallen, faithful friend.


  1. Oh Jacquie, I feel your pain. Why, why, why do we not back up all of our treasured photographs and patterns?! If you are looking for a low cost photo editing/graphics program, have you checked out It is free and is an addendum to the Paint program that comes with MS software. It is not supported so you kind of have to muddle through yourself but if you were using PhotoShop you should be able to figure it out easily. In a pinch, check out picmonkey online too, love it! Enjoy the latte and don't mourn too long :O( Deb

    1. Thanks Deb! I'll try pic monkey but I'm going to cough up the cash for my beloved Photo Shop! It's much cheaper than replacing the lap top after I smash it!