Friday, March 22, 2013

A Rare Bird Flies South

Images from Papaya Art
My Foo Foo bestie, Ashlie Blake, of Painting Bliss, is coming to Texas this weekend!!!!
We all have friends- but, if we are lucky, a person comes along with whom you click, you jive, you laugh, you cry, you grow, and you just know this person is a soul mate.  Not the marrying, fall in love, mushy mushy goo goo soul mate- but a friend so close she surely was kin in another life.  
I met such a rare bird 7 years ago and she has been my sister ever since.  Ashlie lives in New York, I live in Texas.  With growing families we both have been bound to our home states and our friendship has grown through the internet, phone chat and Skype.  We have never met face to face.  Well folks, that era is about to come to an end!

Oh there will be an airport ruckus of girlish squeals and peoples' eyes will roll in their doldrums disgust!  There will be late night coffee chats, thrifting marathons in Houston, wildflower romping in Round Top, and beachy fun in High Island!  Oh there will be blogging and a Smash Book project as well!  And who knows what else we will find in the great wide openness of Texas!
Ashlie is such a part of my life she is insta-family, my right arm, and my morning cup of joe!  (Insert Hubby's eye roll and snide comment about my foo foo affections HERE!) This weekend marks 7 years in the waiting coming to an end and the dawn of a new chapter in our epic friendship.  And I CANNOT wait another second! 

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  1. How wonderful that you get to meet your 'sister' in person Jacquie! Have a wonderful time together.