Sunday, March 3, 2013

FOLK Spring 2013 Issue Review

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Every now and then something comes along when you need it most.  In today's market of same old- same old country magazines with content disappearing under loads of medical advertising and non-country themes retold in color palettes that induce more yawns than inspiration, a new star is on the rise.  FOLK magazine is challenging the old publishing standards, creating a fast following, and giving the readers what they want: connection and authenticity.
The Spring 2013 Issue is a prime example of why Ben Ashby and Hillary Lewis are becoming household names.  From the sweetest lambs on a Cape Cod farm to a Nebraska man whose antiquing passion spans more than three decades to fresh takes on ice-pops that would make an Alaskan resident crave a cold treat, the Spring Issue of Folk is a page turner that does not disappoint!  Vivid photography highlights the lives of people whose work employs age old traditions, drool-worthy recipes, and storytellers who bring to life vignettes of country spirit. 
Articles in this issue seem to interact with one another- an organic mushroom farmer in New York,  a ladies' retreat luncheon in Napa Valley, a young fashion designer in South Africa, and an Florida artist who turned her love of vintage clothing into a fulfilling career.  The characters could easily be assembled into a cast of a day in a more simple life.  But as we all know simple does not always mean easy. The people featured share their honest truths. Folk's Spring Issue illustrates that not all authentic living has to happen in rural settings.  Interviews with Leann Rimes, Sara Hertell, and Greg Sczebel, allow the reader to see how successful artists stay true to an authentic life in the midst of high profile careers. 
This is by far my favorite issue of FOLK to date! There is something for every artist, every dreamer, every person seeking a deeper connection to an authentic life.  If the Spring 2013 Issue is a sampling of the future of FOLK, then there is nothing short of greatness yet to come.  Get your FOLK subscription today and become part of the modern wave of country living!


  1. As a designer of dolls that many consider Folk and a traditional quilt maker I am always interested in what lies ahead for the folk world. For many of my quilts I love to look a photos of scenes for colors of today. I have never read this magazine but sure would love to see it.

    1. Your quilts are so beautiful and such a true folk art!!

      You will love Folk Magazine and you are the winner of the free subscription!