Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Serenity NOW!!!!!!!

Gotta love those days when I spring from bed full of energy and excitement and within a few footsteps that good mood decends into crumugeony crankiness and my light step resembles more of hooves contemplating a thunder!
Yup! 100 pound dog has puked over every tiny grid inch of her snoozing crate, the stubborn cat decided the bathroom rug would make a better litter box, and the bio hazzard known as my teenager's room remains in such an abominal state I am certain a small village of trolls lives in there!  All of this has to be cleaned and the house (which is also a disaster thanks to spring mud and tiny paws) has to be prepped for hubby's friends coming to visit while I am away- so there is no packing the suitcase and simply running away for me. (insert violins background music)
Oh what's that Al Roker?? A major snowstorm has shut down the airport I have to connect through??  Thousands of flights cancelled? Possibly a mess through the weekend?? AWESOME :/  Today is supposed to be blissful vacation prep but it feels more like trying to mop up after a hurricane!
Time to call in mental happy places!!  If there must be snow, may I be as content as this wee fellow in an old backyard tree.
And may all the noise of this day be washed in the silence of Saint Olaf's Kirke.
May my stress be cradled away in the arms of those I love as gentle as a dew drop in the morn.


  1. Oh my gosh, Jacquie! Well, tomorrow has GOT to be better! Big hugs, Girl! Today will soon just be a memory...


  2. Jacquie,
    Put your Ipod on....something seriously UP, that you like to dance to. Make somemore coffee and gather all your supplies in a bucket.
    Those are my best strategies for Chore busting...besides sighing and going back to bed.
    By the way, Girl your Blog looks fab. Hugs, Robin

  3. Thanks ladies!! Music blasting, sun is shining, and good ol' Yankee toughness won't be scared away by a few snowflakes!

  4. Oh my gosh Jacquie, what a morning! Hope things have improved and that you have found your happy place?! And darn that Al Roker, hope the snow storm doesn't ruin your travel plans :O( Happy thoughts, happy thoughts! Deb