Monday, March 4, 2013

Mohair Easter Peeps

Mohair and camel hair have fast become my spring go-to fabrics.  With fine textures to elate the fingertips and vintage hues that inspire childhood winter memories, mohair and camel hair are as durable as they are pliable.  Of course, I use vintage up-cycled fabrics so each piece wears a history all its own and a once treasured garment gets a chance to delight again!
This weekend was all about simple leaping rabbits.  This bunny, adapted from Robyn Pandolph's quilting pattern in Stitched With Love, is a spring fave! 
I love the fluffiness of the camel hair and mohair on these rabbits! The fibers give them a definition simple linen can not. Much of the vintage mohair I find is blended with additional fibers.  I am pretty picky (just like mohair.. har har har!) and stick to mohair that is blended with wool.  It works best in the felting process to create a tight workable fabric.
Camel hair also worked well on this pillow interpretation of Robyn's pattern.
Up-cycled mohair blend sweaters also make the fuzziest wee chicks around! Once all the rabbit forms are cut there is usually enough fabric left to make a cheeky chicky duo.
As you see I have lots of starts that need finishing. So back to the studio I go! 
Here's to a creative week for all!

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