Monday, April 1, 2013

April Thoughts

Phew! March has been quite a month!!  Looking back it was a journey of the soul, building new relationships, and celebrating family and friends.  It was a month of travel, of discovery, and new goals. It was a very good month indeed!
April has always been a turning point month for me.  Spring truly comes into full bloom, the winding down of the school year begins, summer plans are the main topic of family chats, and there are so many birthdays I could keep my face full of cake from beginning to end!
This April begins with some trepidation.  My one and only child will go to her senior prom and turn 18 this April.  The days that once seemed so far away are upon me now.  My little girl has grown up and is ready to take on the world in her own unique way.  I find myself holding my breath, being on edge, and struggling to hide the fact that I am trying to hold fast to the days that are swiftly sweeping through. 
May these coming days bring as much joy and growth as did March. And may I learn to let go so my baby girl can fly.

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