Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ode To The Common Cold

O evil creeping, skin crawling, common cold
How you make me feel like refrigerated mold
Feverish chills and oh how my nose does run
Making me ignore all that needs to be done
No need to shower, no way I'm going out
With Kleenex Cool Touch lodged in my snout
Snuggled on the couch in a cherry Nyquil haze
Deadlines unmet in the slow passing days
Mail piling up, kitchen counters a littered mess
Until I can breathe again, I couldn't care less
More Nyquil please, I'm going back to bed
Gonna sleep til all my hair is matted to my head.
Oh common cold, common wretched cold go away
Don't you dare come back another day!
I've too many projects that I really need to do
I can't waste one more hacking sneezing day with you.

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