Saturday, April 13, 2013

Russian Mice Revamp

All good ideas evolve, improve, morph into a new generation.  The Russian mice are no exception.  Initially completed with wire details, these metal arms and toes became cumbersome and twisted.  They needed a face lift to soften the iron curtain claws and enter a kinder paw phase. 
All hail the mighty alpaca roving!  Softer than featherweight cashmere and more pliable than putty, this roving rocks the wire and compacts into the sweetest paws around!
Pedicures were a must once the hands were coiffed!  Wrapping the roving around the wire as well as braiding it through the original foot loop creates a sturdy form that is easily needle punched into a solid form.
Now it's time to further evolve the fibers used in the making of the mice!  Next on tap is wool blend mohair suiting and vintage curly coat fur! 
Strawberries and Cream still needs a real name and a few final touches before she makes her debut on the Primitive Peddler April 15th!  I'd better get my tail back in the studio if she is to make her deadline!

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  1. Improvement and tweaking...signs of a true craftsperson. I love it.