Friday, April 26, 2013

A Good Case For Needling

I just love a good case of needles!  It doesn't matter where they come from- quaint boutiques selling reproduction books, a brightly colored vintage book from the antique store, or that estate sale bag of cast off notions sure to include the best of all cases: an advertisement!
 Fancy needle books and everyday business appreciation cases are relics of simpler times when front porch gatherings were the social hot spot and sewing skills were a necessity rather than hobby.  It was also pure advertising genius and perhaps the predecessor to branding by getting the consumer to incorporate logos into everyday life.
I am a true sucker for every needle case I see.  I linger, read the ad, open it to count the remaining needles.  I wonder about the conversations the case has heard round the sewing table.  With so much adoration, I realized I could make my own as a companion to my line of tart tin pin cushions. 
 Using printer fabric, I printed out my cases, aged with a cinnamon coffee soak, and layered over cashmere wool.  A simple herringbone spine stitch and a few needles tucked in- it's a thousand times more useful than a paper tag and leaves a lasting impression.
 With so much focus on returning to Main Street, shopping local, and restoring community, I hope to see the needle ad case come back into vogue.  For now, the needle case ad is the primitive perfect companion to up-cycled pin cushions!

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  1. Well, I just learned something! Didn't know about needle cases! I just LOVE yours and the idea of sending them out with the pin cushions. Have yet to make Pin Keeps for my shop. Been thinking about it though!