Friday, April 5, 2013

Bagging The Birds

Festive feathers are flying here!  Though spring is cracking the winter cold, pastels are ruling the day, and autumn is almost a bad word- it is time to send off some birds in high hopes of earning a spot in upcoming holiday publications.
Last summer I sent my first submission to Somerset Studios and was floored when not only was my work published in Prims, but I was asked to write an accompanying article. (Smelling salts have since been a staple in my supply closet!)  The seashore primitives have returned from their grand journey with stars in their eyes and tall tales on their tongues, whipping up a whirr of excitement in the studio.
First to raise a wing and shout, "Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!" were the scrawny turkeys.  So happy to be out of the sleepy storage bin, the Drumstick brothers, Edgar and Earnest,  have packed their credentials and jumped in the shipping box; showing off their up-cycled woolens and making the Up-cycle Nation oh so proud!
Joining the Drumstick brothers is Buzz the Vegan Vulture.  He is labeled, bagged, and ready to roll! In recycled wool, cashmere, and vintage fur, Buzz proudly represents the Up-cycle Nation as well.
Hopefully, their dreams of fame and fortune in the big city will be realized- and in time they too will return with magical stories of their own.


  1. How wonderful! Congrats to you, Jacquie! LOVE your works and writings! May the 'Drumsticks' & their Vulture friend find fame and fortune!

  2. HOW EXCITING for the Drumstick brothers and the Vulture!! Congratulation to you Jacquie, such a talented artist you are!