Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Simple Rabbit

Some times life calls for something simple; a slow down, a yield sign, a gentle rain on fresh spring flowers.  My studio cycles much the same.  The complicated doll dresses, the microscopic turns of linen starfish, and busy wool applique patterns give way to a yearn for prim minimalism.
Robyn Pandolph's leaping bunny is my primitive spring go-to pattern when I want to play with fabric but not be bogged down in my own designs. 
 These bunnies are quick!  They multiply fast!  And it gives the fabric a chance to really pop! Simple rabbits also help to keep my scrap piles dwindling to a manageable chaos.
Popping up everywhere, you can see the finished guys available for purchase in the Early Work Mercantile, my Etsy shop, or swing by Hendley Market on The Strand in Galveston.



  1. They are adorable Jacquie and yes, sometimes simple is best :O)