Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Good Punch

Nothing beats stress build up like punching the @#*! out of something.  What do I do with nervous energy? Needle punch punch punch punch punch! And I make a living mess while I do it!
My work table is a scattered array of roving, notions, and wool scraps at the ready.  I have fallen in love with Wisteria threads roving!  It adds just the right hues to every project!  I love to use non-traditional backgrounds when needle punching. Old woolens, linen napkins, and painted cotton lend themselves well to my schemes.
Perhaps it is my New England upbringing that has me so thrifty (ahem- "resourceful").  I believe every scrap, every cast-off has value and deserves a chance to shine again before truly hitting the trash.
Bubbles the piggy has become one of my fave de-stress characters.  His bubbles are made from old sweater wool ringed in alpaca roving. I am playing in my dye bins to mimic the color quality of the Wisteria threads- but I am no match.  Not yet anyway (insert evil laugh).  I used a backdrop of wool up-cycled from a thrift store suit atop a layer of cotton batting. The fibers, when condensed through the punch process, give the bubbles dimension.
Mini punchers are my latest craze!  Old sweater wool molded into tart tins, sugar bowls, anything kitchen- then embellished with roving for a lasting pin keep treasure!
The old adage is true: when you're looking for something you can never find it.  Even when just last week the item was EVERYWHERE!  This week I received an order for 10 tins, and of course the constant supply has fallen off the earth.  I've been scouring the antique stores, thrift shops and garage sales to no avail!  So back I go to my punching, needling out the stress and keeping the faith that new tins will emerge before the deadline.

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