Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kemah Strolling

Morning walks along the water are so refreshing.  The salty air, sail boats and laughing gulls set a cheerful tone for the day.
Kemah is a strolling fave as its gentle currents pour itself into the Texas Gulf against a backdrop of brightly colored amusement rides hushed silent by the early hour. Morning here is quiet, peaceful, and void of tourists.
Hubby has joined me this morning on my walk.  After time in Bangladesh he is wearing off jet lag enjoying the sweet sun sunshine unfettered by the smog and filth of Dhaka. 
Spending so much time apart, Hubby doesn't mind my need to photograph everything I see.  He is tolerant of my bird watching- my fascination with the comic gulls and stoic herons that dominate the pylons.
He understands my excitement as the local fishermen reel in a large black drum fish and show it off to boardwalk spectators before releasing the large fish back to the wild.
There is magic in the morning.  The details visitors don't see.  The simple nuances of time juxtaposed by weather and wanderers. 
 Mornings are meant for the observant and I am simple a steward of the lens capturing ordinary events in all their beauty and significance. 
 For these are the times that matter most- the easy hours spent in the company of those we love reveling in simple joys each day has to offer.

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