Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kitchen Pin Cushion Love

I can't bake.  I can burn a frozen Sara Lee Cake just by looking at it.  Much to my family's dismay, I would rather starve than fire up the oven.  So when I finally found a non-cooking use for vintage jello tins I rejoiced!  At least I was doing something baking-related......ish.
I am just in love with making tart tin pin cushions!  It's my stitching quick fix, my evening idle hands fix, and of course- my woolen up-cycle fix.
Recently I found a floral sweater with my favorite words "100% wool"!  Usually these Hong Kong vintage lovelies are an acrylic blend that I have to leave behind.  But this mint condition gem, covered in 30 hand-stitched flowers was the perfect match for a score of 30 tiny baking tins!
Most of these sweet treats are headed to Hendley Market (pop on in my Texas peeps!), but some will land in my Etsy this weekend as well.  Here's hoping y'all have a constant companion craft that makes your hands, heart and the environment oh so happy!

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