Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Good Psychic Read

I am a firm believer in seeking advice from neutral parties; people who stand to gain nothing by telling me something good, bad or handing out reality checks.  Usually I seek out a good therapist to help me untangle my path.  But from time to time I seek someone who can reach beyond what's snarled up in my brain.  Someone who can consult my spirit guides and unclog the mental drain of over-plundered creativity, life events, and frustrations.
Image property of The Witchery
On Post Office Road, just off the Strand, in Galveston, is The Witchery.  A fantabulous occult shop that features weekend psychic readings.  This lady is goooooooooood.  No hocus-pocus generic boardwalk shenanigans.  She is the real deal.  She is specific, on point, and direct.   Starting with an aura read while I shuffle the tarot cards, she tells me I have a strong spirit guide standing in front of me helping me to reach my goals- sort of like my own personal line backer.  Awesome!  I am offered a helpful exercise to strengthen the weaker side of my aura before getting into the meat of the read.
I go with a set of questions I need answered but the read always treads on the fields I go out of my way to avoid.  Currently I have revived a project I have contemplated, attempted, and scrapped repetitively for the past twenty years.  It is a deeply personal project and one that I've known for years will set free many demons locked up in my psyche. When she told me this time I would see this project to fruition, I knew it in my soul to be truth.  This knowledge nugget was an unsolicited gem that I see as the prize of the read. 
I am fortunate.  My life is good.  My marriage is strong and our daughter is healthy again and set to remain that way.  My reading forecasted this happiness o continue and grow, opening a path for me to truly focus on my own journey.
As the reading wrapped up, the psychic asked what I was recently so disappointed about.  I explained my shallow hurt of exerting lots of energy helping people around me to achieve a common goal.  I was harboring icky green monster feelings when everyone but me received the glory.  She cocked her head and gave me a look I used to see on my mother's face after some sort of adolescent upset and said, "Well I guess maybe next time you should put yourself first."  Okay.  Point taken.  But it's something incredibly difficult for me to do. Gulp!  Looks like I will have to call my therapist first thing Monday morning.


  1. Oh Jacquie. Its not over. You know that. My mother use to say "all the chapters have not been written yet." Your work is fabulous. You are brilliant, and motivated and fearless and self actualized.
    I have appreciated your friendship, and your support. You were there for me, held me up. It meant the world to me, and I am grateful.
    Big giant hugs, Robin

    1. I soooooooo appreciate you too Robin and this asylum we share on opposite sides of the Gulf! PLease forgive my wee pity party and I'll accept a good boot in the ass! LOVE!