Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garden Bugs

On this morning's garden stroll, I spied two little eyes spying back at me!  I nearly stepped right atop this wee fellow but his antennae twitched ever so slightly, distracting me from my path. Amongst the coriander blooms, just below the buds, I found a precocious aphid with a social disposition.
 Locking eyes, he flashed me a toothy grin, tipped his head and introduced himself as Bartholomew. He freely admitted his love for the fragrant herb and kindly requested permission to remain there, waiting for his friends.
 Bartholomew promised his group would not remove too much sap, only taking a small delight and leaving the plants to flower, seed and grow with renewed vigor.
Hmmmmm, I thought to myself.   Garden bugs can be problematic but something about Bartholomew's smile put my pale green thumb at ease. A few aphids can't do more damage than my pit bull who also enjoys rolling around in the coriander. I just wish that Bartholomew had told me he was the smallest of his friends.

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