Monday, May 13, 2013

All Buttoned Up

 People say I have a button problem. I prefer button situation.  I've confessed, owned my problem.  I spelled it out in this earlier post- owning my button hoarding ways.  After all, Dr. Phil says I can't fix what I don't acknowledge.  So I have raised my hand in proud declaration!  I am a button hoarder.  Tried and true! 
 So I decided it was time to wrangle in some of these buttons, corral them into a storage display that would be both attractive and functional.  I found a ratty fab canister set, gave it a tlc coat of paint and prepared to empty 9 of my button barrels into a shiny new home.
I got through 2 barrels and filled 2 1/2 jars.  I decided this was not the wisest way to use my revamped canisters.  I would just end up with even more button barrels that would be infinitely more difficult to dig through.  And I need easy access to my obsession!  So I left 2 for buttons and filled the remaining jars with thread and bits- things I use often. 
Dr. Phil would probably say I am avoiding my issue.  But I say I have taken an honest inventory and I really don't see a problem with my button obsession.  At least I'm not hoarding gum wrappers or something totally useless.  Who's to say I'll never be able to use 1,467, 876 buttons?
Stop by By Your Hands blog for step by step instructions on how to revamp your own storage solutions! 


  1. Hello, my name is Debbie and I am a buttonaholic too! And I really don't see what the problem is Jacquie, seems perfectly normal to me to have 1,467,876 buttons! Great storage solution though, I especially love the "Stuff" container! Deb

  2. Hi Debbie! Guess you'd be willing to defect from Buttons Anonymous with me? :)) Because you're right- we don't have a problem!