Thursday, May 9, 2013

Journey Satchel

If I could sum up the past year in one word it would be "JOURNEY".  Yes, all in caps because the word is so versatile it can swing from a romantic ideal to a sarcastic enthusiasm for the year's events.  There have been incredible highs, new opportunities, speed bumps, trying lows and nail biting suspense.  I have weathered it all, held fast to the ship and currently use the word journey with deep gratitude.
Along this journey I have made unbelievable connections and formed friendships with artists I've admired for years.  I have leaped out of my reserved shell to promote my business. Failures became opportunities to improve and be better from the fall. I feel the approving hands of my ancestors guiding me on this journey and that is why I chose the whaling ship as my summer satchel theme.  With family roots deep in the early American whaling industry, the sea air is the wind in my soul.
I have a special project in mind for the first dozen of these wee gems which I will share in a later post.  The Journey Satchel is made of aged cotton, lightly stuffed with a mix of fiberfill and lavender flowers.  I hand pick the shells straight from the Galveston shore where wee shorebirds have done the piercing job for me. Placed by an open window, the breeze sends in light whispers of lavender.  A perfect summer scent for whatever journeys await us all just ahead.

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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. Love the satchel. Looking forward to seeing your next project with them.