Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christmas is a time of reflection, appreciation, family, and love. This year my wee family decided to stay home; not to make the usual 1200 mile journey east or north to be with extended family that seems to scatter in more directions as the years go on.  Though I miss my parents, my in-laws and the familiar traditions of home, this year I am so happy to be spending these holidays with my two biggest supporters. My husband and daughter have taken this handmade business journey with me for the past two years and I couldn't be more grateful.
Living with a crafter, artist, or creative type has many hazards. Kevin and Emily seldom criticize or condemn. So in honor of their fortitude I am confessing my creative sins that they have so faithfully endured
For each of these aggressions, I love you all the more :)

  • For every stray sewing needle you've found with your feet or as you sit on the couch
  • For every household appliance I've turned into a studio purposed machine
  • For every "in-process" creation that has cluttered the living room
  • For the tower of storage bins that blocked a clear path to the bathroom
  • For the wool lint cloud that blanketed every surface on felting days
  • For every meal I forgot to cook because I was cranking out orders 
  • For each road trip I spent in  the back seat stitching away the miles
Thank you for believing in my abilities, loving me through my bad days, and never doubting I can reach my dreams.  To be supported on this journey is the best Christmas gift of all.

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