Thursday, July 25, 2013

Proper Dress Required

My friend told me this morning that it was 58 degrees in her part of New York.  I looked at my weather app and confirmed what I already knew at 7 a.m. Texas time. Yep. Hotter than hell with 100% chance of humidity hair. Why bother showering in the summer? I leave my house looking like a cover model (yes, that's my opinion!) and by time I get to my car I look like I look like I've hiked up the wrong side of a volcano.  In thinking this, I immediately took pity on this gal in an 1883 fashion catalog I stumbled across yesterday at Hendley Market.
July fashions????  Seriously??  These poor gals must've stunk something awful by the end of the day!  Even on the coldest day in Galveston, this amount of proper fabric would stifle the good senses of the modern woman.  Galveston dress code today is free and easy.  Most people are wandering in off the beach, shopping the Strand, or a combination of the two.  Recently, while working at Hendley, I was coerced into modeling the island fabulous shirts we sell.  Very coastal chic and I even threw on a hat to hide my humidity hair.
But even with three summer layers: a silk wrap, linen tee, and feather weight cotton island shirt, I was roasting!!!  And as with all things Hendley, even the most serious of photo missions (sell those shirts!!) turns into a festival of goofing off. 
One good goof leads to merry mischief as the props come into play!
Seriously though, those island shirts sure are comfy!  I wonder what liberation Miss July 1883 would've felt if she could have traded in that huge hat and sturdy skirt for a boho chic island shirt?

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