Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Great Wide Open

The Great Wide Open
  I wonder if all women long to be free?
 To hop the fence and charge the horizon!
Where the great wide tears open
                     And clouds float like lazy rivers;                                             
Where greens grow brighter
From grass to reed to leaf
To reach summer's sky.
Where hawks fly circles
Steady like clock hands;
Far overhead, never seeing
 Still spiders silent at my feet
Just outside my steps
As I walk through doorways
Worn out by winds and winter rains
 Of decades passing, decades decaying.
 Nature reclaiming spaces she had lent.
I look through jagged broken panes
seeking souls who once settled here.
Women who raised families here.
Who loved and lost here.
Who sought the great wide open,
Longing to be free.



  1. So powerful, poetic, and pure. Touched my soul.

  2. So beautiful! I'm so happy it looks like I can now comment on your blog posts, yay!! I love the first photo. This whole post strikes a chord with me... See my latest post I think you'll like it!