Friday, June 21, 2013

Falling In Love With Bangkok

I have fallen in love with Bangkok. Head over heels, swooning heart, and bedazzled eyes in love! 
This city is ALIVE, vibrant, and oh so polite! It's also subliminally hyper-active.  The hustle and bustle never dies down.  When the day shift ends, the nightlife begins. Street food vendors triple in force to offer simple delicacies from sweet rice cakes to thick squid grilled just enough to sear the tentacles.  As the dinner crowd wanes and bars close up, fresh faces take over and carry Bangkok's night into dawn. 
Long before I rise in the morning, early dawn street vendors prepare breakfast, offering crispy fish in baskets, bright green guava in cellophane bags, and deep frying meat satay poked onto skewers.  The streets are a cacophony of smells that mingle into motorbike fumes and bake in the rising sun.  
All of Bangkok seems to work in circular cooperation.  From street vendors to transportation, there is a respect for constant movement, the need to get the nitty gritty done, and to do so without complaining.
Life in Bangkok is not a spectator sport.  Life here demands interaction. Tourism in this great city is no exception. 

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  1. This is one Baby Girl who can say she is becoming "Totally Global". What a fabulous gift you have given her. Way to go cool parents!